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Let's go puzzling!

If the idea of a puzzle game that plays out like a mix of Lemmings and Chip's Challenge sounds intriguing to you, then this obscure title is one which should prove worthy of investigation. It's a turn-based game that requires you to control not one, but dozens of characters, all of which are clones of the main blue hero. In basic terms, you must move the main character around a series of levels, solving puzzles and avoiding traps but the real clever part comes in when you factor the role of the clones in. Many of the conundrums on display here require you to manipulate several characters at once but you have to remember that if you move one, the others will all move in the same direction, thus requiring careful positioning if you want to solve the puzzle. There's all the usual items to collect which can help you along the way, like potions to protect you from acid and other dangers, keys to unlock doors, hints, shields and even vehicles which make getting around even more interesting. There's also a bunch of highly imaginative enemies like imps, dragons and ghosts to keep you on your toes, thus making Clone an almost endless parade of curiosities. As far as this kind of game goes, Clone is a pretty decent one. The addition of the requirement to move multiple characters around is an intriguing one and which is largely successful. There are moments when it makes things move difficult than they need to be but on the whole it works well. The puzzles too are clever and inventive, and highly satisfying to solve so if you are a puzzle fan, this is one to add to your list.

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