Logical Games and Puzzles

Puzzle 1994 Dos Education Math or logic

No fuss collection of logic based puzzles

Heh, I guess the developers of this game bundle were not much into branding and all that nonsense. In fact, they weren't much into video or graphics, as the games here could easily be translated into excel with just a minimum of programming, hehe! But, for what the bundle sells itself onto, simple, straightforward, immediately accessible math and logic based puzzles, I guess the more than simple presentation is working for it! At any rate, you will play (and by play I mean filling in the required spaces with the required answers!) in a single color environment (blue, as it is the color of logic, apparently!) and the game will consist of a question, the variables, and your line based graphics, when they're needed. I guess some will appreciate the proof of concept like simplicity of the graphics, and, truth be told, rather than go for some weird graphic layout, the just functional design is a much better choice, just because it simply works, it gets the job done. So, if you like puzzles that test your logic and math, and don't mind simple functional graphics, Logical Games and Puzzles will provide. If, however you want for some more intricate graphic design, The Incredible Machine offers both wacky graphics as well as needing a specific kind of logic and design application and skills from you, the player.

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