Drain Storm

Puzzle 1997 Windows David Horner Strategic scope

combination of puzzle, action and maze fumbling!

Drain Storm started its life as a CD freeware game, bundled together with a lot of lesser games. Quite funny given that in game, you too will have to navigate through a mess of enemies! Yeah, that wasn't the smartest joke ever, but these bundles, generally were filled with lots of incomplete and sometimes even unplayable games, so, you know, that was the cost of the bargain! At any rate, this is a shooter/maze navigating/puzzler type deal. You control a ship/bot/droid, whatever you want to call it that navigates tight spaces, pipes and your main goal is to beat or navigate away from the baddies that populate the game's world. If you survive long enough you will eventually reach this area where you need to defeat a boss, and after that you're pretty much done. However, get this, all of this action is turn based, and you only have a limited number of moves, so better expend them carefully! Yap, it sounds like a mess, but it actually makes sense, and also, with each new start of a game a new level with new mazes and new monster placements are generated, taking the game up on the replayability ladder. All I can say is try it, it's surely worth it. Or alternatively, try Teazle, a more graphically advanced though classic in play style puzzler.

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