Battle for Normandy

Strategy 1983 Dos Tactical Design Group World Wars

Hex based wargame, very accurate historically

In Battle for Normandy you will be on the Axis side, wielding your contingents in the hopes that the battles you will take place in will turn out as they did in real life, or, maybe, with a bit of a helping hand, rewrite the course of history. To aid you sink into the universe of the game, you have a very through interface, a generally, very well produced set of maps, units that also represent the historical truth of the period and, to top it all off, you also have access to a nice set of economical bits and pieces, that help depict even further the history of the era. If you have played Clash of Steel before, you will be right in the know in terms of interface usage and general controls, but if not, this is one very old game that still manages to translate well to those used with a lot more graphical oomph. Yes, it's quite the early game Battle for Normandy, having been released in 83, so, be very considerate of the graphical requirements you might have of it. The game is a lot of things but a streamlined, well colorful game it is not! Nope, it's ZX Spectrum levels of graphics with, as I said, just a bit more detail here and there so you don't think it's all in the math! But, even more the fact that such an olde game still runs is reason enough to try it out.

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