Gulf Strike

Strategy 1984 Dos Dosbox Microcomputer Games World Wars

Hex based wargame, focused on the Gulf Strike

If you want to re-live the Gulf Strike conflict, and don't mind a top down, hex based, wargame approach to it, then Gulf Strike can be a pretty proper way to get it done. This game is a rather not too pretty example of a wargame, with quite a messy graphical set of tiles, that, from close up (you can zoom in this game) looks like a bunch of colored squares that make very little sense). At any rate, that is not very important, because, in terms of mechanics, this is a well executed wargame. You can order your troops around, you can ask for aerial support, and even if the conflict is not very large, establishing a smart supply route is essential to the victory. Developed in 84, you'd be hard pressed to find fault with the graphics, which, as I said, while imperfect, still manage to do a good job at evocating location and type of land you're hovering over. All in all, War in the Gulf is a much better option for this conflict, though Gulf Strike is neither bad. Just that War was the last in a series from Empire Interactive and thus much better produced overall, much better fit graphically and otherwise.

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