Tigers in the Snow

Strategy 1982 Dos Dosbox Tactical Design Group World Wars

Minimalist hex based strategy, but very engaging

In this game you will be sunk into a conflagration of proportions, conflagration that plays mostly like RISK but has enough novel ideas and new elements to be a proper digital strategy game. Now, you'll have to excuse the game's sparse graphical presentation. Don't forget, this game was released in 82! Then, when you let that sink for a bit, and consider that the game was meant to be ran on the first generation of Intel microprocessors, without no video cards or other aids, you'll understand how it all worked. So, yeah, it's a straightforward game, the kind that will just work, where you have to familiarize yourself with. For instance, the units are represented by a minimalist figure. Thus, tanks, infantry and other units are all no more than a small sprite, and that is pretty easy to get. In fact, the minimalism of the game is very welcomed because it allows you to play the game better, focused on it. However, as you'd expect from a game this old, it's pretty hard to sink into and to learn in detail because it has lots of quirks and it gets old a little too soon. But, if you like highly stylized wargames, it sure can do the trick.

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