Battle Europe

Strategy 1993 Dos Comspec World Wars Military

Combination of strategy and action

Another of those title a old game lovers have to play, Battle Europe is a strategy based action game which is based on the theme of world war with particular element of interaction. The plot in the game is that you have to destroy the tanks of your enemies at every level to advance on to the next level. You have tank for this purpose and you have to protect this tank while you destroy the enemy. Coming towards the feature of the gameplay, the first good thing is the responsive controls because they allow you to make swift and tactical movements which are needed for survival and to destroy the opposing tanks. It is not only bout destroying as you also have to be tactical in doing so. The reason is that if you are struck by the enemy fire from the front and you come in line with multiple opposing tanks, then you cannot survive the attack. So all you need to do is to entice them to come in your line and ploy a stealth speed to launch the attack. The level designs and the graphics in the game are very good and so is the user interface. The game is overall a lot of fun. Fields of Battle has been another good game in this genre.

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