Battleground 3: Waterloo

Strategy 1996 Windows Empire Interactive Historical Turn based

A strong, gritty, Napolen after the 1815s wargame

In Battleground 3: Waterloo, Napoleon and his machinations are the focus. In good old school classic war game style, you will play this game at the highest of levels, allowing yourself to control huge masses of soldiers across vast fields. Yes, your tactics are vital and your units placement is vital and absolutely necessary, but you will also have to scrutinize how the game's economic make up influences these other more direct game bits. Therefore, it doesn't just take a good strategist to make victories possible. Nope, you have to get immersed in the thick of it, economic, treaties as well as the lower level tactics play. But the game is focused, as the name suggests on the Waterloo battle. A neat trick is that capturing an objective on the map will aid with morale as well as with tactical plusses on the map, so fast and intelligent advancements are very important as well. Graphically, Battleground 3: Waterloo is a modern looking top down 2D wargame, which means it is highly playable. See other Battlegrounds titles as well, a good one being the 8th, which tells the stories before the battle of Waterloo, so you can see how that battle had come to be.

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