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Wargame detailing the famous Waterloo Battle

Is one single historical battle worthy of virtual recreation? Let alone of being released as a standalone game? Well, it depends on how much you care for historical accuracy, for alternative history and for wargaming as a whole. What I can say is that, for its part, this strategy really puts wargaming in a place of honor as it really managed to showcase the very intricate strategic, tactical and the way the terrain and the way it was exploited, contributed to the Waterloo battle's being remembered through the ages. Now, because the developer of the game and campaign (actually, more of the campaign itself, as the engine was crafted by SSI, and, though it got modified to support the many changes that P. Turcan wanted to convey, it nevertheless was not a new wargaming engine at its core) wanted to offer you a very accurate depiction of the battle, so that you can try many more tactical layouts and higher level strategies, the engine itself got modified, so that it almost looked 3D, when in fact it was nothing but a skillful use of isometry. So, what you get is a very engaging playing field, maybe a bit frustrating due to the implementation of the controls and of the extra commands, but, all in all, the game delivered. Give it a try and if you like it consider The Battle of Austerlitz as well, just as concise a wargame based yet again on a very important battle of Napoleon Bonaparte.

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