Begin 2: A Tactical Starship Simulation

Simulation 1989 Dos Dosbox Clockwork Software Futuristic Strategic scope

Star Trek universe space combat sim

In between the loads of Star Trek adventures some did quench my thirst for immersing myself in the universe they had created, but, nonetheless, when push came to shove, these games did little to simulate the tactical and strategic thinking of the many battles of that universe. But no more! This game here, Begin 2: A Tactical Starship Simulation is one of the best large scale tactical products to have graced us from any others. It is more tactical than strategic though, rather great at simulating (relatively) small temporal scale conflicts, rather than offer you a more thorough; a more well balanced game of long term strategy. But, if you generally fancy 4X, and especially the conflict portions of it all, this one will provide. Make sure not to think this one to be its older version, that one was a text only game. This one is a much more user friendly, immediately interactible with game, for those that can't really stand wargames in text format. Nope, this is playable even today, and without a lot of getting used to it.

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