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Boldly go where no one has gone before

Starflight is the perfect game for anyone who's ever dreamed on embarking on Star Trek-style adventures and despite its age, it remains a first-rate piece of sci-fi strategy. It's complex, deep and addictive, so if you do fire this one up, prepare to lose a lot of your time as it sucks you into its well-crafted universe. The game is a non-linear space exploration adventure, where players must first choose a crew with which to explore the stars, before blasting off into the unknown. In true RPG fashion, you have a number of races to choose from for your crew, with each bringing different advantages to their role and who can be trained up to enhance their skills. Once you're out in deep space, what you do is pretty much up to you. You can explore unknown planets searching for minerals and other resources to be sold, while alien races will be encountered and which you can either enter into peaceful negotiations with, or you can just blast them from the skies. With Starflight, the possibilities are truly endless and its open-ended nature is perhaps its biggest draw. However, the RPG-style elements are also immensely attractive and the opportunities for customisation are likewise extensive and impressive. While the options are potentially overwhelming in their complexity, things are helped by the intuitive and flexible interface which reduces any frustration to minimal levels and which just adds another layer of polish to what is already a great game. Really, if you have any interest in epic sci-fi games and love the likes of Starcraft and Star Control, this is an absolute must play.

A ripper of a space game

Starflight is surely one of the best games ever to have come forth in the genre of space adventure games. The plot here is a typical one where you have to assemble a crew along with a ship for exploring different vast spread galaxies featuring several planets. The number of features that have been introduced in the game along with the exciting game play makes it a fantastic space game. The aliens present on different planets have their unique culture and look which adds variety to the combat. You can do barter with different alien races, perform mining at different planets for acquiring artifacts and can improve your Crew's skills. The surfaces of different planet are unique and quite realistic and really give you the feel of outer space adventure. It is the best game to have come close in meeting features which are needed for an exciting space adventure. The graphics are truly well designed with incredible details and appropriate music. This game truly meets the likes of Star Control 2 which acquired a lot of fame in space games.

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