Starflight 2 - Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula

Simulation 1989 Dos Dosbox Binary Systems Space combat Strategic scope Role playing Adventure

Mass Effect 1989

Starflight 2 is a more populated world than Starflight 1. This game is a must have for fans of the original. For the uninitiated, this game is Mass Effect if it had come out in 1989. What Starflight 2 lacks in story is made up in freedom and choices of how to develop your crew and ship. Mass Effect was quite an accomplishment for its time, however the only parts where Mass Effect is superior is in terms of graphics and the crew's personal stories. Starflight 2 is a deep space epic where you command your customized crew like an armchair captain, navigators, science officers, doctors, communications, and more, explore an enormous galaxy, land on thousands of different planets, mine for minerals or rare artifacts, trade with different civilizations in a system similar to Spore's space stage. All the while try to unravel the mystery of how a primitive and pathetic space faring species suddenly developed advanced technology to threaten the whole of galactic civilization. My favorite thing about this game is that it lets you make bad decisions. Do you want to try and land on the gas giant? Sure! Then your ship is suddenly crushed like a soda can. Do you want to antagonize the hostile race? Do you want to antagonize the peaceful race and start a war? Well go ahead, because, you can! Just remember to backup your save files because when you die, it gets deleted. I like that.

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