Beverly Hills Cop

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Tynesoft Computer Software Platformer

Eddie Murphy in 16 bit!

This is an action pack of four minigames, a driving stage, a sidescrolling stage, a top down shooting stage and a wireframe first person shooting stage. As you'd imagine, this is the perfect tie in, none of the portions are truly great but they are all playable, but because of their short length you won't really get to sink with the flaws, and thus, you'll actually enjoy them more than they would have allowed you to enjoy them, had these portions been a standalone game all on its own. So, here's the deal, each stage is just nice enough, not too much toil poured over it, not too much effort poured into none of the set pieces. But at any rate, Beverly Hills Cop creates as good a gameplay experience as any other combination cartridge, heh, it sort of reminded me of that NES Tournament cart, with Rad Racer, Tetris and Super Mario. But, while that cart is worth tens of thousands of dollars, this game is only worth its download size and a few minutes (maybe a few tens, if somehow you find it to your liking more than the sum of its parts would suggest!) of your time, if you wanna reminisce about the 90s!

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