Tetris Gold

Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Spectrum Holobyte Tetris variant

A compilation of HoloByte Tetris and Tetris like games

Tetris Gold is a bundle from famed designer company Spectrum HoloByte, which contains all of their Tetris games and spin-offs and other remixes. It's a really meaty package, with a classic Tetris game, Super Tetris (still classic in structure, yet with better graphics and a few additional elements) Tetris Classic one of the best classic Tetris games for the DOS environment, Wordtris, which is Tetris remix with letters, then a less known title – Faces...Tris III, another remix and a 3D (like) based Tetris like game called Welltris, where your tetrominoes are stacked inside a well, which you see from above, in 3D, yet in more of a forced perspective type rather than actual 3D. Also included is an old prototype Tetris, that pays homage to the classic Pajitnov game, very basic and yet, as you'll find out, feature complete, and playable. So, if you want to have options for your DOS Tetris collection, Tetris Gold sure is a good option, with lots of classic and spinoff Tetris games included.

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