Duke Nukem: Episode 2 - Mission: Moonbase

Action 1991 Dos Apogee Platformer

Second Duke Nukem sidescroller

Duke Nukem was the first in the series to embrace the sidescroller clothes and offer you a pretty well balanced and well produced game. Thus, what you get from this one, too, is pretty much the same recipe; Duke is an unstoppable individual, whose goal is to destroy the baddies, find the keys and then head to the exit. It is pretty cool, pretty interestingly produced, and still has that shade of gray set of graphics. Another cool thing about this game is that the number of baddies has been significantly upgraded, as was their behavior; thus, the game has to be considered a little bit more strategically. Still, it's a relatively straightforward run and gun and jump and there are not a lot of other elements to talk about. So, if you want to see how Duke Nukem started it out, this game will offer you a good idea, and a better experience than what the first game could offer you. Still not a lot has changed, not significantly enough to alter the recipe, so players of the older title will immediately feel at home with this one too.

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