Terminator 2

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Ocean Platformer

Brilliant in terms of action

Action platform games have somewhat the same theme but it is the action and the variety in the gameplay that really makes the game addictive and fun. The plot of the game is all out action involving some very good thrilling elements like weapons, fire and some great variety of power ups which pop up at every level. The game involves slow action at the first level. As the stages progress, the action gets faster and you see real time action sequences which are really thrilling. The racing section in the game is very good and has some diverse elements in the form of action sequences and power ups. To make it more diverse, the game also involves puzzle sections which range from simple to quite complex. Veteran gamers who look out for in depth variety and competitive gameplay should surely go for this one as it won't let them lose interest at any part of the game. The graphics in the game are very attractive and you see a different combination of colors at different levels. The controls are very responsive and this feature brings out the very best in the gameplay. The game is however inferior to Terminator 2029.

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