Big Three, The

Strategy 1989 Dos SDJ Enterprises World Wars

Avergae game on World war 2

Games based on the World War 2 have made a complete genre that is loved by gamers all over the world. This tactical war or strategy game gives out what you normally see in most of the world war games but it also has some additional tweaks which make it quite exciting to play. Starting off with the historical plot, you will be playing as one of the Big three superpowers of that time i.e. America, Russia and UK and you also have the option to work with them in combination and launch combine attacks with a strategic planning. Erich team will have its turn and will be earning points based on the effectiveness of their unit building, replacement and their movement from one base to another. The game also involves solving some obstacles in the form of puzzles. You will need to focus on the descriptive material which will render you an idea about what to do next. An ineffective or casual movement can result in loss of units and will ultimately cause you to lose points. The A1 in the game is not the best at all because it is quite a moderate one. So you can say that his game will also suit the newcomers of this genre and he veterans can also have a good time on board. The gameplay is similar to Panzer Battles but the graphics in the game are above average.

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