Rommel: Battle for North Africa

Strategy 1988 Dos SSG Strategic Studies Group World Wars

Top notch WWII sim

Armchair historians and strategy fans alike are bound to lap up this offering from SSG, well known for their authentic and detailed sims. This one is typically absorbing and realistic and is perfect for followers of White Death or Panzer Battles. As the name suggests, Rommel focuses on the war in North Africa during WWII and is a turn- and hex-based game which sees players taking control of both Axis and Allies forces in a series of campaigns. The missions on display here are quite varied and take in some of the most important battles of the war, including The Cauldron and Kasserine Pass. An additional mission presents an intriguing 'What if?' scenario and allows players to find out what might have happened if Germany had invaded Malta. Missions are typically quite challenging and generally revolve around seizing key objectives within a defined time limit. The focus in this game is at the corps level of military operations, with an extensive range of unit types included to add to the realism. As you would expect from SSG, everything from the environment, to weather, to supplies, morale and experience is included here, and which really adds to the game's comprehensive feel. If you're looking for a WWII strategy sim, this has to be high on the list. It is detailed enough to satisfy hardened genre fans but accessible for newcomers thanks to its intuitive and flexible interface. While visually the game is unspectacular, it is the gameplay that really counts and this is undeniably absorbing, requiring complex tactics and plenty of strategic thinking. Whether you're an old hand or a newcomer, Battle for North Africa comes highly recommended.

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