Big Business

Strategy 1990 Dos DigiTek Business Trade or management

Be the CEO of the wackiest company ever!

Who thought you couldn't create a business sim and actually make it be humorous and ... fluffy?! And cuddly? Well, if you thought so, better reconsider your position, because Big Business is about business but instead of being all about number games and math applied into Harvard level economics, it's actually produced into a palatable frame, even for those that are not fans of straightforward economic games. But, underneath all the cutesy presentation, there actually is quite a well produced game, one that is pretty well done, pretty well produced. And so, you'll learn a few things about what a CEO does, you'll get to experience a bit of stock market trading and a bit of that product price dabbling into, all simplistic, but, honestly, it's better that way you know, so that Big Business can be a gateway kind of game to more serious economic/managerial kind of games, say, Oil Barons or Lemonade Stand (With that last one I was of course, just kidding, though it actually is a pretty cool eco sim on its own terms!)!

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