Block Breaker

Arcade 1993 Dos Yutaka Emura Arkanoid style

Breakout was his brother/ and the rainbow was his mum!

Block Breaker is a colorful Breakout clone game, very similar to the game that was designed by Steve Jobs. By that I mean that the blocks are rarely arranged in any other patterns but simple lines, overlapping each other. This is not really that great, that conducive to more intricate gameplay sessions, but, it is a nice exercise in recreating the feel and the look of the original game that was designed by Steve Jobs. So, with that said, Block Breaker can still be entertaining for a while, if you're looking for that simple, seminal experience of an unadulterated (and, rather lacking in features too!) brick breaker game. Yeah, you move your pallet from left to right and back again, you look forward to catching the good powerups while avoiding the negative ones and that's about it. It sure, at least, could have gone with a few more diverse backgrounds, but, well that territory also hadn't received a lot of attention from the developers, so yeah, it's pretty barebones everywhere. At least the bricks are multicolored, in that Win 3.1 palette of almost saturated but not quite, colors!

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