Breakout - Off The Wall Fun

Arcade 2003 Windows Darkism Studios Isometric Arkanoid style

3D reimagining of classic Breakout

Breakout - Off The Wall Fun is a well produced breakout type game but instead of a 2D environment filled with bricks and you controlling the paddle, this game turns the brick destruction into a more complex 3D one. The game features a lot of levels, all of them being integral part of a visual theme. Thus, there are about 5 or 6 levels per theme, and these themes vary from Indian ones to Egyptian ones and so on. You see the playing field from a top down well angled position that allows you to see the paddle and the ball as well as the brickwork that you're destroying. Of course, there are bricks that will yield bonuses or negative effects, just like other versions of breakout, so, I think that you'll want to play this one just for the novelty of the 3D representation. But, unfortunately, as is the case with these arcade games, the novelty quickly wear off, and you'll be left feeling that all the graphical bells and whistles don't really add much to the core experience. Thus, I don't think you'll keep this game as a real replacement to your breakout game of choice, but for the time you spend with it, it will offer you a good enough distraction, worth sinking your teeth into.

Breakout (off the wall fun)

Well I think Breakout (off the wall fun) is a very awsome game, of all the atari breakouts this one is pretty much diferent because it takes you to a very diferent interactive and entertaining adventure where you can fallow the story of a funny and cool caracter that makes yoo love the game. I played the game when it came out a long time ago, y remeber I loved the game, thats why Im looking foward to play it again and remeber that great feeling. What I like most about it is that besides the cool adventure, your still hanging on the clasic brekout living on the mayority part of the game.

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