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Meaty Breakout clone, with additional, surprising minigames

Enigma is a really interesting and absorbing Breakout clone; while in a regular game of brick destruction you'd mostly be interested in advancing to the next level enticed by the gameplay and maybe by the points you gained, in this one there's an additional bonus to going through the stages. At a given number of levels that you complete you are offered a minigame, still mainly based on Breakout mechanics but with surprising twists! It will surely will put a smile on your face, as these minigames are like a eureka moment, like alternative ways of looking at the game and what it actually it is that you're doing! Anyway, I also love Enigma because it sports well chosen graphical clothes; instead of eye popping multicolored bricks and nasty backgrounds, this game has very tame colors and very good looking background images, which is why I really appreciate it. It also has a smooth control and alright bouncing ball pseudophysics, which adds to the actual moment to moment enjoyment of the recipe. So, yeah, play it, if you love Breakout, may I add, a very meaty long lived Breakout, and also want to be surprised with additional minigame based challenges.

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