Gemstones 3

Arcade 1994 Dos William D. Rinehart Arkanoid style

Worthy remix of Breakout

G-stones III, or Gemstone 3, as it is also known as is a well produced DOS remake/remix of Breakout. Its main original idea is that of using randomized levels but also an editor, for those that want to create (or save) the levels they want. As you might imagine, the levels that the game can generate are pretty well done, but they are hardly original, however, from time to time the computer might generate something a little more interesting. But, for the most part you can kind of tell that the levels use the same kind of algorithm to produce the onscreen results. Therefore, while it is fun, it's best served in short installments, as most such games should. It's not the most interesting game to try and play in long sessions, so, the best thing about it is that it always has something a little different, but never so different that it feels, you known produced by the human hand. Graphically I'd say it looks alright, DOS as it looked towards the end of its life. So, overall, G-stones III is a worthy game if you like Breakout games, and want a few that create randomized levels as well.

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