Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

RPG 1996 Windows Activision Isometric

Classic vampire themed RPG

The Blood Omen series made quite a stir back in the day, and it tried its charms on a few genres as well: there were action games, there were RPGs like this one and also games trying a mix of both. Story was key in the series, with a feud going on for centuries and a cool mix of vampire tropes as well as novel concepts and ideas all mixed in. So, if you want to find a game that will entice you both with its story of vampire hatred while also offering you solid action oriented RPG experience, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain will deliver. Graphics wise, don't expect the best game in the series, though, most certainly, it didn't look half bad. It will remind you of RPGs such as Baldur gate 2, or if you are to compare the graphic style, and to a point the atmosphere, Temple of Elemental Evil is a much better contender. The action in the game is well crafted. You will be able to advance your character, with powers, with skills and with armor and different weapons. But, ultimately, while the action might not be the most original or the most daring of its time, it sure is ok. You will hover want to see more because the story is very well paced, and there are quests and mysteries that dwell at every corner that will ask to be solved.

Very good and dark

@Roystan: Are you talking about Blood Omen or Soul Reaver? You can't steal weapons in BO, Kain has his own arsenal and only 1 club-type weapon. You're describing Soul Reaver. I really like this game, in many ways is my favourite from the series, many people played SR first and can only think of Kain as the antagonist rather than the protagonist, this game shows that Kain is the main character and explains why he is like that. I highly recommend to play the PC version, the PS1 suffers from the limitations of the console making the gameplay tedious for the least patient players due to the constant loadings when using the menus. The PC port is lighting fast compared to the PS1 port. The game has a good story with wicked plot twists and great setting (good music), interesting characters, great voice acting and dialogs. The game requires you to be very thorough when exploring, or you'll get stuck very often. As for the bad, the game could use a shortcut weapons menu or another way to select the weapons quickly without having to open the main menu every time. And, for being a very old game, installing it can be a real pain. Make sure you'll find all the patches and read the instructions before downloading this game.

A very good predessesor

@Roystan Holy crap. Please, refrain from writing that bad. The game is quite awesome and the next ones in the series too, and I get the point from most of your speech. Overall the game is quite good, and you won't be disapointed.

One of the best 3rd player fighting games

This game is one of the best 3rd player fighting games i have seen so far. Plus points : The number of weapons (swords) u can choose from, are really grate, u kill an opponent and steal his sword, bigger the sword the better. There are clubs. U can combine with the rage attack, it really kills the opponent. U can combile the attacks with the powers u have as well, such as rage, speek, etc. There are puzzles as well. In short the game is pretty well designed, with a really good story line, incredible weapons, and opponents, power, and level design is amazing.

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