Ultima Online

RPG 1997 Windows Electronic Arts Isometric Third Person Medieval

Open world RPG at its best

The Ultima series of fantasy roleplaying games is a true industry legend which has captivated audiences for decades now. This spin-off from the main series was the first game to really bring home the idea of a persistent online world where players could live out their fantasies in the company of other real world players. In many ways, it's very similar to other games in the franchise, with a setting and stroyline which is borrowed from previous entries, while in terms of gameplay, you'll be right at home here if you've played anything in the series. This one plays out in pretty open-ended fashion, with players choosing their characters from the usual set of classes like warrior, merchant and mage, and which can be upgraded and enhanced through combat and exploration. The world itself is massive and is made up of a large mainland and several smaller islands and which consist of some interesting environments populated by some typical genre characters. There is also an extensive range of magical spells and potions to choose from, as well as plenty of items such as weapons and other useful such things. As far as fantasy RPGs go, this was pretty decent stuff and was certainly revolutionary for its time, thanks to its online nature. It's sadly not really playable nowadays, thanks to the lack of support for the servers, but at the time, the world felt truly alive and was never less than enthralling to explore. Interactions with other characters was exciting and there was never any shortage of things to do, and in short this is classic stuff.

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