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A vast, expansive game

This is a game I've come back to over the years because of the sheer breadth of content. It hasn't aged well by all means, but the story and gameplay are classic, and showcase the best of what was possible back in the mid-nineties for computer roleplaying games. Typical of the genre, your characters level up, can learn magic and more during the course of the game. Albion is a vast game that will not leave you bored or disappointed. The game is filled with all sorts of wondrous races for you to meet and encounter. The First person indoor view mode adds a bit of tension to the experience and allows you to view the game world in the eyes of your character. Albion is a highly imaginative game that will take you on one hell of a long journey if you can look past it's now-dated graphics and archaic style of gameplay. There's just so much to do and see in the game world, and it would be a shame for you to miss out on such an evocative quest through space. If you're a fan of computer roleplaying games, this is a game you do not want to miss. It's unlike anything else out there!

Topdown rpg mode

Albion is a game I've come back to several times because it's so much fun, the game world was huge (I never explored all of it) and the fact that it has several gameplay modes adds a lot of interest. Albion is an rpg, but it has a topdown rpg mode, and a FPS style mode. It switches modes depending on whether you are in the over world or exploring a dungeon. The graphics were great at the time and even today can look very pretty. The story is good, too... one that puts to shame many modern RPGS. When I first got it it was worth 9.5 but time has taken some of the fun out of it (Random dungeon encounters just don't entertain any more) But I still think it's worth an 8 !

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