Blue and The Gray, The

Strategy 1993 Dos Edward Grabowski Communications Historical War

Civil War wargame, easy for moderately capable wargamers

The Blue and the Gray is a game that wants nothing more than to make itself available to vanilla wargamers, and also, it wants to teach you more about the American Civil War. If you're an avid history buff, one with a love for American history then you will certainly know that the history of this particular period is very hard to pinpoint. The economic realities, the political, the social unrest and many more issues had played a big part of it all, and so, it's worth looking into. Plus, the game takes a very interesting route in simplifying things without rendering them totally useless or vanilla, to the point where it could just be any other conflict. So, with nice, midpoint difficulty through, a good concept and with battle that, while individually picked, are still caught in the higher level historic representation of the time period, this game achieves as much as it could. Graphically it's well, alright, not the best out there, certainly not the best for a game released in 93, but it's alright. So, try it, if you're looking for an alright Civil War themed wargame, this is sufficiently palatable.

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