Genghis Khan 2 - Clan of the Grey Wolf

Strategy 1992 Dos Dosbox KOEI Historical War

Conquer all the Mongol tribes!

Wargames have been all over the place, though most players would think of the genre as generally interested in WWI and WWII combat. Nope, that's not the case, and this game here, Genghis Khan 2 - Clan of the Grey Wolf demonstrates that the genre can be applied to modern combat as well as ancient combat. However, quite how accurate the conquest of Genghis Khan is to the actual history, I couldn't say, what I can say however, is that this is a well polished game, well playable given its age and quite interesting it sort of has more to do with a game such as Rome Total War than with classic hex based only kind of games, but it sure features a map turn based side, while also close level play, where you control the units on a more one on one basis. So yeah, Genghis Khan 2 - Clan of the Grey Wolf is a hybrid, a well done, though maybe a bit too aged one, with alright graphics in the same vein as some other SVGA titles of the era. But if you want to play with the kind of armies and technologies in the time of Genghis Khan, this is a good game that will allow you that. So, surely, give it a try.

A great RTS game

Genghis Khan 2 - Clan of the Grey Wolf is a turn-based strategy game brought to us by KOEI, one of the greatest conquest strategy games released in the early '90s. The game's main goal is to take over teritories in order to expand your empire. From the beginnin, you have the option to choose between 4 different scenarios, one of them playing in the role of Temujin, who will later become Genghis Khan. In the other three scenarios who will play as one of the Temjuin's rivals, on the scenario's objectives being to conquer all of the territories, including the ones from Europe and Nothern Africa. The game is turn-based, meaning you can perform actions during one turn. These actions can be either economical, military or diplomatic, similar to games like Civilization. The playfield is a map with dozens of teritories to conquer, but you always start in Asia.

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