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Punic War wargame, for elephant wielding power mongers!

I'm going to start with the problem, the elephant in the room (sic!): this game's pace is soo, soo, slow. But, once you kind of sink to its speed (or, rather, it's lack of it!) you will find that this game is an actually enjoyable, historically accurate, and, mechanically, a joy to play. A lot of the game is focused on sieges; and these are the best bits, but also the ones that will drive you insane if you can't really get behind the snail pace of the action. But, also, what this low speed of progression does is allow you to focus on the gameplay details. Sometimes a single unit moved just a bit can make a massive difference in how a scenario unfolds, which is something that this game surely demonstrates well enough. So, yeah, lots of things to love, a few to hate, but the reality is that this is one of a handful of games that is interested in the Punic Wars, which therefore makes it even more precious to play. Plus, graphically, it's alright, of the era, with alright overall designs of the maps and units as well as of the menus. An alternative that comes to mind? Well, Genghis Khan 2 should do a good job as well, though surely not as accurate (or as snail paced!) as Hannibal.

A perfect war game

This is a Great War strategy game developed by Starbyte software. Hanibal has every element of a perfect war game. It was released in 1996 and was a great hit. Hanibal has a card system which can be used anytime in this game. This game may not have excellent graphics or similar tactics like modern day war games - Age of Empires still it is a very good war game. You will have your own troops; own game plans to fight in the Second Punic War. It is a multiplayer game. The length of this game is 150 minutes. You have to war strategies to fight against the enemies. You have to use the existing armies and have to gain control on the provinces. You will have a world map and you can expand your troops and the economy. You can expand your army from Africa to Europe to the Middle East. When your troops fights against each other in the battle, the Battle Cards will be the main determinants of winner. The sound quality of Hanibal is very good. You will like the game like me. It is a 4 out of 5 rating game.

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