Fields of Glory

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox MicroProse Historical War Turn based Tactical

Napoleon`s battles, after 1815

In Fields of Glory you will get to reenact some of the later battles that Napoleon was a part of, but after his Elba Exile, so the focus will be on the 1815s and later. The game is a very classic, if lower level wargame. This means that you will play in turns, and you will control larger spreads of soldiers and artillery, without a direct focus on the economics of the battle. As a general, your logistical and economical considerations are all about making sure that your troupes keep getting supplies. So, in order for the economic portion of the game to function, you basically have to make sure that you control the supply routes. But of course, this is just a portion of the in game challenge. The rest is making sure your troupes are arranged properly for battle and that you win as many of the battles as possible. This is also not a game to rewrite the history of the period at its helm/ Nope, it's pretty realistic, it's mission based, and thus, you don't get a larger campaign mode, but instead reenact the battles that made Napoleon famous. Another good Napoleon themed strategy is also Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle, which is a real time strategy, and a very well put together one.

Will you win or lose at the battle of Waterloo

Fields of Glory is a mini tactical war game that is very similar to another wargame called Steel Panther by its gameplay and immense complexity. Centered in the Napoleonic era, right smack in the middle of a very important war between France and England, it gives you freedom to alter history. You can play from either side in recreating the famous battle at Waterloo. there are not plenty of scenarios - just one campaign that is consisted of several scenarios that cover the Waterloo campaing, and nothing much more. The AI is pretty good (although it could be better) the gameplay very easy to handle and the whole gaming experience is very good for the short while it lasts. The graphics are very reminiscent of Sid Meier's Civilization although obviously a fey years earlier and not as advanced. The top down view over various finely textured terrains certainly looks very good and is very practical. So, if you're in the mood for some strategizing and don't want to spend the next month to cover a single scenario, this game will be a nice and quick fix.

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