Bo Jackson Baseball

Sport 1991 Dos Dosbox ACME Baseball

Arcadey, clean and beautiful and lots of fun

Bo Jackson Baseball understood that in order for an arcade baseball game to be good, granted, not too original but good, all the elements of gameplay as well as the graphical elements had to have a common theme. One mistake of many games of baseball was that they offer you graphical elements that didn't go too well with one another. Thus, the entire, already diverse, roaster of game elements, (which stems, naturally, from the diverse roaster of different athletic staples of the sport, per se) was diversified and made even more disparate by their lack of graphical cohesion. BUT NOT IN THIS ONE! The developers used, I'd say, a very careful gradient of trying to make the puzzles work in the same rhythm. Thus, pitching, running and so on and so forth share the same rhythm, the same graphical elements and the same math and temporal elements; they feel as if they belong together. Which is why, in my opinion this is one of the best early 90s era baseball simulations, arcade styled true, but done really, really well. Plus, I might say that the styling of the field and animations as that of the menus feels, yet again, common, as if spawned from the very same common design root. Similarly good, download Earl Weaver Baseball 2.

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