Micro League Baseball 4

Sport 1992 Dos Dosbox Micro League Baseball

Exciting baseball game with diverse strategy making

This sports game is an excited display of fantastic baseball with multiple options and a breath taking gameplay. It features a great collection of some of the most highly reputed and powerful teams that have played this sport. All the teams will face each other in a league. Stats compiler has also been incorporated in the game which enables the user to keep all the stats and data related to every individual. The strategic options in this game are very diverse and exciting. You can play with the computer or can have a match with any human you want. Similarly options such as selecting your Picher, position of you fielders, how to make your player run towards bases, and the lineup of the team make the game very open ended and thrilling. So what you get here in the form of strategic planning and exciting gameplay is something rare in other baseball games. Now coming towards the graphics of this brilliant game, they are simply spectacular in terms of the older times and the use of color scheme and animations is also brilliant. Its predecessor like Micro League Baseball 2 is also supported by some fine graphics, good strategy making and gameplay.

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