YAB! Baseball

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Batter up!

Unsurprisingly, this is a baseball simulator (although quite what the YAB! part of the title is all about is a bit of a mystery), but it is a far cry from the likes of the legendary Hardball series and is only really worth checking out if you like your baseball simple and rather basic. The game lacks the detail and elegance of the best examples of the genre and is possessed of only minimal options and depth, making YAB! Baseball a brief diversion only. The gameplay here is similar to the likes of RealSports Baseball and gives players the chance to take control of just two teams, the real world legends that are the Boston Red SOx and the Toronto Blue Jets (presumably because their colours made them stand out nicely on screen). Once the teams are on the pitch, it's a simple matter of moving the mouse around the screen a bit in order to affect your pitching or your batting and then swinging around and hoping for the best. YAB! Baseball really is that simple and for a while at least, it's this simplicity which gives it at least a bit of entertainment value, as the gameplay's lack of complexity allows you to concentrate on the sheer pleasure of playing baseball without worrying about all those needless stats which encumber other such games. Also in this one's favour are the colourful visuals, which although also quite simple, at least have some personality in their cartoon-style approach. However, this isn't realy enough to save the game from getting stale quite quickly and if you do give it a try, don't expect more than half an hour's entertainment from it.

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