Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball

Sport 1991 Dos Dosbox SSI Baseball

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Not as ultimate as Tony would have wanted, but OK!

Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball is a playable, sufficiently well polished baseball arcader/sim, very classical in the way it is produced, and, also very entertaining. The best thing about is that it has managed to create a very well put together user interface, as well as control scheme. But also, what Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball does is have quite a good quantity of teams, sufficiently diverse, and sufficiently well produced, which, truth be said only differ so slightly from one another. But that is the way these games, especially the ones that have been produced to fit the arcade standard feel like: and so, without many novel or even slightly original ideas, Ultimate is ultimately playable but not the ultimate baseball top down arcader there. Still, it's get a well oiled set of mechanics, looks pretty decent and it also has alright controls. Also, for those of you that like Tony Russa productions maybe Tony La Russa Baseball 4 might be a better game, but, in truth, the entire series was quite canonical, never endeavoring to go beyond a certain threshold originality wise.

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