Boiling Point: Road to Hell

Action 2005 Windows Atari Military Military FPS

Daddy to the rescue!

Boiling Point is an ambitious mix of shooters, open world exploration and RPG and plays out like a bizarre mix of Far Cry, GTA and Deus Ex. Unfortunately, it's not quite as exciting as it sounds, and it was perhaps just a little too ambitious for its own good, but it remains an enjoyable if flawed experience. You play the part of a French Foreign Legion soldier who hears of the kidnapping of his daughter in a fictional African nation. Of course, he rushes off to her rescue and will do just about everything to get her back. This translates into an open world shooter, where you'll explore the land, gathering information on the whereabouts of your daughter, complete missions while working with or against the various factions that are seeking to gain power in the region. The RPG elements come into play in the skill system, where you can develop your weapon and physical proficiencies, while you also have access to a number of vehicles to allow you to get around faster and more efficiently. On paper at least, this all sounds quite promising indeed, and there's undoubtedly some enjoyment to be had here. The world created here is certainly vast and there's a lot to do and explore, but there is a feeling of emptiness to it all, which takes away from the immersion. The general structure of the game is sound, with interesting missions to complete and the faction system coming into play to add further appeal. You need to play the patched version of this to get the most entertainment, as earlier versions were very buggy, while the visuals and sound are disappointing, but if you can get past these things, there's some fun to be had here.

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