Deus Ex

RPG 2000 Windows ak tronic Software & Services First person Action based Science Fiction

Greatest game ever?

Hailed by many as one of the greatest games ever, this is a truly stunning first person adventure that still deserves it classic status today. Like the equally brilliant System Shock series, this one combines a head-turning cyber conspiracy plot, stealth, action, puzzles and RPG elements into one glorious game which needs to be played by any serious gamer. The plot here is a complex one, taking place in a dark futuristic world that is part Blade Runner, part Neuromancer, part Robocop and all nightmare, where a deadly virus is on the loose and causing havoc. Against this backdrop of chaos and terrorism, you play a cyber enhanced agent who is about to embark on an epic journey to the heart of the global conspiracy which will shatter everything he believes. The game itself is a mix of RPG and shooter, with added puzzle and stealth elements, where you explore the dark heart of this future world, interacting with characters to uncover the truth while engaging in a variety of stunning action setpieces. There are heaps of options in terms of customization, with plenty of slick cyber upgrades, including weapons and abilities to help your quest. Missions can be tackled in various ways, which adds to the appeal and you can combine stealth with brutality however you see fit, while your actions also affect how the story unfolds. Deus Ex really is one game which deserves the title of classic. It remains visually impressive today, while the plot is mind-bending in the best possible way, and the action, puzzles and stealth elements all implemented perfectly. Alongside Half-Life 2, this is a firm contender for best game ever.

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