Bombs and Bugs

Arcade 1997 Dos Dosbox Awkward Software Challenges

Action and puzzle in an entertaining combination

In Bombs and Bugs you will be playing inside an ant colony, or something of the kind, only that there are planets and stars in the background and, well, some other graphical elements that don't seem to belong there. But, then again, in the realm of this game, it all makes sense, and they all feel like home, in all this weirdness that the game offers you. At any rate, as long as you play it as a sort of Bomberman or Dyna, in a graphical expression that is a bit more over the top and psychedelic than these other two managed, you'll be alright. You will also get into it because it's rather fast and because it has lots of wacky ways to entertain you, from the sounds and music to the diverse upgrades you can collect and so on. All in all, it's a great example of that maze action with bombs with the same strategic and tactical/puzzly feel that makes these games work great, in small independent chunks or for longer periods of time, depending on how you want to approach them. At any rate, there are bombs, there are bugs and mazes, and sometimes a man (and woman) needs that, you know! :P

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