Moon Bugs

Arcade 1983 Dos Dosbox Windmill Software Space combat Challenges

NOt recommended at all

It is an arcade game which has managed to make no impact because it lacks far behind in terms of the verity and the gameplay. Starting with the plot, it is very simple and that is you need to save earth from insect invaders that will come down from your screen. The missions that you have here is to shoot them and just shoot them. Yah that's about it because they have added nothing else in terms of the variety of the gameplay and you will just keep on shooting till you get bored it. So if you are a veteran arcade game lover, this game has to offer you nothing because it is neither tough nor diverse. The other very average trait about the game is its simple graphics which are also not inviting enough to entice one to play the game. Because the game is very simple, the control works fine but that is not enough to add any stars to the game. Those who are very patient and just like to go on shooting and shooting may try this one. Cosmic Crusader even with its average graphics is far better than this game as it is much more diverse and enjoyable.

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