Space Bugs

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Uninspired Pacman ripoff

It's a sad fact but after the success of any major game, there's always going to be a bunch of uninspired developers who don't have original ideas of their own and just want to steal those of others. The industry is littered with games which simply copy the classics, from the likes of PC Man, to Clone Invaders and Small Tetris and surprise surprise, Space Bugs falls into this same category, although at least the name was changed a bit to prevent complete familiarity. In this case, the inspiration for this amateur mess was the original pill munching classic, Pacman. Here though, the little yellow cheese-resembling blob and vengeful ghosts have been replaced by, yes you guessed it, space bugs. Apart from that though, it's very much business as usual, with the player controlling a large and chunky critter through a series of mazes, grabbing pills and avoiding the nasty bugs which are out to get you. That really is it for the game and it is completely lacking in novelty or innovation, making this one of those games whose very existence must be called into question. The visuals are simple enough, with some admittedly decent sprites but this is more of a desperate need to find something nice to say about the game than anything truly positive. Space Bugs really does lack anything that would make it worth recommending to anyone but the most bored of gamers looking to fill an empty hole in their life, and doesn't even have the character of the classic original. If you really must play a pill-gobbler, then check out one of the Pacman games, perhaps Ms. Pacman or Pacmania, or even try Fast Food starring the much more charismatic legend that is Dizzy. Whatever you do though, just don't bother with Space Bugs.

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