No Respect

Arcade 1997 Windows Ocean Futuristic Challenges

Futuristic arena action game

The future is not bright, the future belongs to the mercenaries, or at least that is what this game teaches us! In it, you control a mercenary that has to demonstrate his prowess by battling through different arenas and gaining power by defeating other mercenaries such as him. However, the game is not simply a shoot-em up in a 3D environment. No, you also get a lot of other play styles, amongst which driving is a very interesting one of them. But, give that this is the future, the crafts that you fly around are electromagnetic hoover vehicles. So, you will go from arena to arena, while engaging in driving perilously on your way. Thus, the game combines a prototypical Wipeout feel with arena battles that could have worked on their own quite well. Plus, the game looks very good with its simple but good enough 3D graphics, which work well under the third person perspective. So, if you want a futuristic battle arena which also puts forth racing sequences, No Respect will deliver, without a doubt.

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