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Maze puzzler with a propensity for finding the sequence

In Bombuzal you will be tasked with traversing a playing field that consists of tiles. Once a tile is traversed it will collapse. This means that in order to reach your destination and leave no tiles standing, you have to find the right combination of steps to follow. Of course, the game doesn't just rely on one single type of tile: there are tiles that can be traversed for more than just one time, there are tiles that will explode and destroy one or more immediately close tiles, and a few others. Thus, the complexity of the puzzle solution increases in difficulty, but the game has a right combination at each level. Thus, the game will task you with logical thinking, with planning your moves and with the actual execution. Unfortunately if you misstep you can't go back, but you can retry a level as many times as you see fit. Thus, the similarities between this one and Boulder Dash should be evident to retro gamers, but this one is a lot more direct, a lot more symbolic in its representation. The only elements on the screen will be the tiles, the puzzle, and you, the player character. This, I found, makes it easier to concentrate on the mission ahead, a minimalism that suits the game quite well.

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