Ladder Man

Puzzle 1992 Dos Soleau Software Arcade style Action based

Classic platforming and strategy thrills

Another product of the one-man band that was Soleau Software, who also produced the likes of Bolo Adventures, Larry Loader and Antrun, this one maintains the simple yet cunning design philosophy that runs through these other works, and provides the same kind of entertaining fun that belies that old-school looks. This one is a platform adventure heavily laced with strategy and puzzle elements and sees player attempting to escape a series of 30 maze-like floors. Each room is filled with obstacles of varying kinds, many of which can be manipulated as you see fit in order to create your own escape route. Hazards include the likes of water and fire which need to be avoided or crossed, with items such as balls available to help you out. Ladder Man really is an unexpected delight (although not so surprisingly if you have played other Soleau games) and offers immense amounts of platforming and puzzling shenanigans to get your teeth into. The visuals are of course very simple but this doesn't get in the way of the entertainment value as the levels and puzzles are so well designed, being both elegant and rewarding to solve. The open-ended nature of the game works to its advantage and provides much of its appeal, with the player able to approach the problems creatively and logically and with more than one solution generally available. If you have enjoyed any of the aforementioned games or just like brainteasers such as Lemmings, then you are sure to lap up every second of this classic delight.

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