BookWorm Deluxe

Puzzle 2002 Windows Astraware Limited Word or trivia Cartoon

Addictive little word-based brainteaser

For those times when you fancy a little brain teaser or puzzler revolving around words, Bookworm Deluxe is the perfect antidote to your woes. It will appeal to fans of Scrabble and other such word-based games and thanks to its extensive dictionary, you're unlikely to ever feel like you're missing out on something and who knows, you might even learn a few new words to expand your vocabulary. The game itself is a sort of cross between Scrabble and Bejeweled or other such match-three games, and where you are presented with a board of letters and must create words by matching adjacent tiles. You get points for each word created, with longer words racking up bigger bonuses and with the letters then being removed from the board and new letters dropping in to replace the used ones. The occasional appearance of burning letters which burn through other tiles and which can only be prevented by coming up with longer words adds to the challenge and helps keep you on your toes. If you're something of a word fan, then this is a must play. While the visuals and sound might not exactly be the most exciting in the world, this isn't really a major issue thanks to the core gameplay. While it might not sound that thrilling on paper, there is something undeniably addictive about matching letters and creating words, in the same way that matching colours and shapes proves so compelling in the likes of Tetris and Columns. Plus of course, there is the bonus that you might actually be improving your word power as you play!

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