Solitaire Deluxe

Puzzle 1999 Windows Masque Publishing Cards

24 versions of Solitaire; solid and very playable

If your olde Windows Solitaire cannot no longer cut it, then it's time you jump to the next level with something really full of options and additions. Solitaire Deluxe, a version that has been updated of Solitaire Royale includes no less than 24 different versions of Solitaire, all playable with different settings, under the pressure of time, or not, with different ways of being scored and with quite a hefty bunch of different sets of cards and backgrounds. The game is all delivered in 2D, and having been produced for Win95 and up, it shares the modern, up to Win7 type of build of interfaces and other options. But, all of the versions can be played with the mouse and have a Help thread in the Help menu of the game, to teach you the basics. There are also other customization options included, that can even change the rules of the games, and also, you can install modules that can add other variations of the game, and possibly even other games. All in all, it's the definitive version of Solitaire, for those that take this game seriously and are meticulous about card ordering and shuffling!

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