Puzzle 1986 Dos Dosbox AcademySoft Brainteaser Tetris variant

An addictive Russian puzzle game

Tetris, if you have not heard of this classic puzzle game, you may have been living under a rock for the past 30 years. The exact origins and copyright for this game have been disputed to this day. Further complications arose around the copyright holders of this game because it originated from Russia during the cold war. Hence the Tetris title often shows the Kremlin building, a symbol of communist Russia. This version was released in 1987 by Academy Soft for PC and there have been endless clones and ports of Tetris since. This version of Tetris provides statistics on your gameplay and how many pieces have appeared, which gives the game a unique element of strategy. Random blocks drop down in various shapes as the game increases speed. You must arrange the blocks to make rows, that dissapear. It starts off easy, but gets increasingly harder as the pace begins to pick up which tests your skill and concentration which makes the game very addictive and not a game that can be paused until it is game over, much like Pipe Dreams.

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