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Missile Command like, enemies are everywhere

If you've played the oldie Missile Command then you might remember that it had lots enemies to shoot at! However, you always knew where to look for them, generally up in the sky, cause that was where they came from. However, Boom is without a doubt a game that just doesn't keep o that recipe. Nope, it's modern, and it reinterprets the simple build of that arcader; and thus, enemies come from all the corners of the screen and are unstoppable! Thus, on the later stages of difficulty, you will find that Missile Command really takes its toll on you! You will really love the confusion for a bit, but then, on the higher levels, you just can't keep up its impossible. So, unfortunately, that makes me think that Missile Command is just a little broken; still, you can be sure that Missile Command will offer you a great deal of amusement, just on the first few levels, that aren't as brutal as the ones that come after. But, nonetheless, Missile Command plays fantastically well, and won't really drive you insane. Else, after you've found that the game works against you, rather move on to Missile Command the classic! That's hard, but at least it's fair!

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