Puzzle 1996 Dos Dosbox Martin Magnusson Arcade style Challenges Strategic scope

Bomb the chickens!

This game, released in 96, seems to be a spoof of Duck Hunt, the infamous duck hunting game for the Nintendo Entertainment system. However, while in that one at least some of the ducks had a chance, as you could run out of bullets or simply not shoot straight, Chickens offers you bombs in order to massacre them! Sure, it has that lighthearted look of the NES classic, but it still can be a little disturbing! Anyway, you have to throw bombs and the more chickens you catch in the blast, the better – you basically get more points. Each new level brings forth new chickens, and more of them and a limited number of bombs. As I said, the graphics emulate the NES 8bit looks so you can't expect too much detail, yet you can't complain that you can't see the chickens or anything; you've got all you need! Also, you control your aim via your mouse, so no extras are needed! So, if you want to be a cruel chicken slayer, this is the perfect game to do it with! Give it a try only if you harbor animosity towards chickens!

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