Puzzle 1985 Dos Dosbox Pavlovsky Reflex oriented

Qix like, enjoyable and well designed enough

Antixonix is a simple Qix clone like, though it sure has enough character and feels nice enough that it will certainly replace your other spider crawlers that you've might have played...excessively! At any rate, Antixonix may also feel a little dated, though, if you like retro games that should not be a problem but a valuable plus of the game. What I'm saying is that, it kind of feels old, you know, after a while the background begins to bother your eyes, the lines and the enemies always moving in the same patters kind of get the best of you and so on. It's thus, not a game for very long playthroughs, but for the occasional break, played in DosBox and minimized, it can be alright. The levels will bring in new enemies and new challenges, the within the walls aliens are also included, as are the enemies that are outside of them. Sure enough, Antixonix is also a game that proves a nice point, So, yeah, a Qix wannabe is what this game is, only that it has its own levels and slightly different layouts and thus a slightly different build. That is why Antixonix can be a good game for a five minute break spree but no more!

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