Brain Works

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This isn't exactly a game in the traditional sense but more of a curious thought experiment which aims to determine what kind of a thinker you are. It takes the form of a series of questionnaires, written in the style of IQ and aptitude tests, where you get asked about your perception of the relationship between objects and words. There's no real right or wrong answer and the aim is more to understand the thinking behind your choices than making you feel like you've picked the best option. An individual test only lasts for twenty questions, but there's an extensive pool available so you can go through it a few times just to make sure the results are solid and believable. Once you finish a test, you get a report which breaks down your responses and analyses them to create a picture of what kind of person you really are. The kind of information you can obtain here helps you to determine if you are a creative thinker or a more logical, considered sort. This type of information can be used to help in determining career paths or just for fun to help you understand yourself a little better. The real problem here is that it's very easy to fix the results so that you get the answer you want. After all, most people wish they were more creative rather than logical and with most of the questions, it's pretty obvious which answers will lead to you being determined creative. It's therefore a necessity to provide absolutely honest answers if you want an accurate picture of your personality but if you can do this, then this makes for a fascinating exploration into the human mind.

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