Puzzle 1999 Windows Brainteaser Cartoon

Top down puzzle/RPG delivered as a board game

Diabolika is a nice puzzle/adventure/board game, with elements of RPG, for good measure, in which you play the eponymous heroine, and, by all means possible try to destroy as many demons as possible. The game world is teeming with demons of all sorts because this world is certainly a weird one, but also because the heroine doesn't know whom she is. So, with a nod to Bomberman you too will be able to detonate monsters, but not only that. The game contains a lot more types of weapons and other accessories with which you can inflict damage and along the way you can uncover other weapons. The portion of the game that is more like a board game is due to the fact that the game takes place on a grid structure, and so, you take turns to play against your enemy and try to destroy as many as possible each round. Later on, the demons that you don't finish in one round, one level, get respawned in the next, along with the demons that would already have been there. A great game, if a little too hard towards the end, Diabolika is a nice top down action/board game mach. Download it!

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